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Breaded and deep fried and served with side of seafood sauce. $14.95

Mussels Marinara

Mussels marinated in our homemade tomato sauce. $14.95

Bruschetta Bread

Diced tomatoes, onions and green peppers marinated in our own seasoning. $8.50 Add mozzarella $1.45

Garlic Bread

$7.95   Add mozzarella $1.45

Baked Meatballs

Our famous homemade meatballs topped with our tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese then baked. $9.95

Chicken Tenders

3 strips of all white breast meat tenders served with curly fries and plum sauce for dipping. $10.95

Mozzarella Sticks

6 mozzarella sticks served with our home made tomato sauce. $9.95   

Deep Fried Ravioli

Breaded ravioli stuffed with cheese and jalapeno. Served with our tomato sauce for dipping. $9.95 

Italian Salad

Mixed greens with tomato, green pepper, cucumber, red onion and pepperocini. $8.00

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, real bacon, croutons & parmesan cheese. $9.00

Greek Salad

Lettuce, tomato, green pepper, red onion, cucumber, kalamata olives & feta cheese$9.95

Mediterranean Salad

Mixed greens with tomato, artichoke, sun dried tomato, feta cheese & grilled chicken.  $14.50

Aceti's Nachos Extravaganza

Tri-coloured tortilla chips with cheddar & mozzarella cheeses, bruschetta, black olives & jalape├▒os served with salsa & sour cream.                          Reg. $14.50 Lg $18.50  Add chicken or chili Reg $3.00 Lg $4.00

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